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John Bauman Workshop

In March 2018 John Bauman explained and demonstrated adding curb appeal to pottery to make it stand out in a competitive pottery market. He showed how to add value to functional pottery with some shortcut (and long cut) methods by creating surface interest in common pottery. He discussed slip - trailing, masking, texturing as well as carving geometric and natual patterns - gourds, leaves, pears and acorns.

For more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Jim Reinert Workshop

In October of 2015, long-time GLPG instructor Jim Reinert gave a one-day workshop for members and students, in which he showed how he creates his fanciful goat bowls. He also demonstrated how to make very large thrown vessels, a unique double-bottomed planter, and other types of functional stoneware, which can be seen by clicking here.

Doug DeLind at the Sculpture WorkshopDoug DeLind Sculpture Workshop

Doug DeLind described and demonstrated sculpture techniques at a workshop for members in February 2015.

For more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Richard Aerni Workshop

In September of 2014, Richard Aerni traveled here from Rochester, NY, to give a two day demonstration workshop, in which he showed us how to use plaster or thrown bisque bases to create large pots assembled from wheel-thrown pieces. Richard’s finishing touches included handles, slip accents and cut rims, which created dramatic lines and visual accents, further enhanced by his beautiful ash glazes.

For additional pictures from Richard's workshop, click here.

Wade MacDonald Workshop

Wow! In a single July day, 2014, Wade MacDonald demonstrated an amazing array of topics. Working with porcelain, Wade created a fanciful teapot, with a handle cut from a thrown ridged “pancake". He also showed us how to throw and piece together slump molds and how to apply decals to glazed pieces. He left us with a hands-on group project, to assemble pre-formed irregularly shaped clay blocks into a free standing sculpture.

For additional pictures from Wade's workshop, click here.

Jeri Hollister Workshop

Ann Arbor-based Jeri Hollister braved inclement weather in January of 2014 to drive over to Lansing to give GLPG members a two-day hands-on workshop on building sculptural reliefs. Jeri adds extruded pieces to a slab to provide a base upon which the reliefs are built. Wadded newspaper is used to keep the shape of the reliefs.

Click here to see some of the creations from the workshop.

Susan Filley Workshop

Susan Filley visited the Potters Guild for a 2-day workshop in Sept 2013. She shared her techniques for throwing porcelain and for altering her thrown forms. On the second day, she finished her pieces, including adding handles, spouts, and feet. Susan's technique for brush application of colored porcelain slips gave the appearance of pastel watercolors.

Dan Finnegan Workshop

January 2013 got off to a good start with a demonstration workshop by Dan Finnegan of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Although Dan makes mostly functional pots, he finished the workshop by showing us how he creates whimsical birds, with human-like eyes. The “cartoon” bird that he made has a fish perched comically on its head. Dan shared his interest for pursuing a design theme while he makes pots of different sizes. Hence, he made cups and mugs and pitchers, each in a range of sizes, and he topped off his teapot with a lid that has a miniature teapot as a knob.

Click here to see more photos from the workshop.

Phil Rogers Workshop

In a two day demonstration workshop in mid-October 2012, Welshman Phil Rogers shared his throwing and decorating techniques and his aesthetic approach while making yonomi (tea cups), chawan (tea bowls), and tall vessels. Phil threw the basic shapes quickly and then applied texture with a trimming tool, comb, or textured paddle. Further shaping was done from the inside only so as to allow the exterior decoration to expand and adapt to the shape of the pot. In trimming, he lets the tools impart motion marks and asymmetry to the pot. Other decorations, such as slip application or scoring, are applied with firm, confident strokes.

To see more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Maureen Mills Workshop

At the end of March 2012, Maureen Mills led a hands workshop on surface decoration for GLPG members, which featured slip application onto leather-hard clay. Slip was applied with brushes and squeeze bottles; on other pieces, words were carved into the clay, and the letters were then filled with slip for contrast.

Daria Kim Workshop

Daria Woo Kim shared a Sunday afternoon in March 2012 with us, demonstrating several techniques for making brushes from real hair. Each attendee made two or three brushes with hair removed from bear or deer pelts that Daria provided.

Steve Rolf Workshop

In his two-day workshop in January 2012, Steve Rolf emphasized form and function, while urging us to find inspiration and courage to try new things. He demonstrated that philosophy with a series of cups, which all started with the same basic form, thrown off the hump. The cups were transformed into very different pieces by shaping, trimming, texturing, and slip application.

Andy Shaw Workshop

Jan 2010 - In his two-day visit to the GLPG, Andy Shaw demonstrated how he alters and decorates thrown porcelain pieces to maximize their functionality as tableware. He favors a flat bottom with a beveled and smoothed edge, and he frequently modifies the rims by creating corners. A subtle surface pattern is created by water carving or by using bisqued stamps that imbue contrasting textures. Those textures are highlighted through the use of a celadon-type glaze that is almost clear on the smooth surfaces, but ranges to blue-green where it pools.

For more on the workshop with accompanying pictures, click here.

Bill van Gilder Workshop

September 2009 - The three-day hands-on workshop included demonstrations of thrown and slab work, as well as a piece made from extruded clay. Using tools of his own design, Bill van Gilder altered some forms, added embellishments and offered numerous tips for more successful pieces. In creating a professional product, Bill emphasized the importance of paying attention to the details of every piece from inception to end, when every pot’s bottom should be sanded and smoothed. For a spectacular finale, Bill created his signature piece: a watering can, shown here.

Ellen Shankin Workshop

Jan 2009 - Ellen Shankin braved the severe winter weather to lead a two-day demonstration workshop for Guild members and guests from other parts of Michigan. Starting with thrown pots, Ellen showed how pieces could be altered by trimming, fluting, and flattening sides by paddling and with a Sureform rasp. A favorite theme was squaring the base of a pot, while leaving the top round. Ellen stressed that potters should consider utility as well as aesthetics when making decisions about the thickness of the rim, whether to have a foot or a flat bottom, whether to make a foot that is wide or narrow, the shape and placement of handles, and in fact, in every aspect of creating a pot.

For more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Blake Williams Workshop

Sept. 2008 - Blake Williams spent a day with Guild members. For an initial overview, she shared pottery pictures from the MSU slide collection, showing a wide array of altered and decorated forms. Blake also brought dozens of pots from her personal collection to show in a discussion of techniques. This was followed by demonstrations of throwing, altering and attaching. Blake is shown here with a goblet form.

Suze Lindsay Workshop

Feb. 2008 - Suze Lindsay spent two full days stacking and altering leather-hard pot parts into fascinating and useful vessels . . . many raised on pedestals or feet to enhance their proportions. These unique shapes combined with Suze's "trademark" glaze designs and salt firing gave each pot an interesting finish and a distinct personality.

Pete Pinnell Workshop

Jan. 2008 - Pete Pinnell led a two day hands-on workshop, demonstrating many ways to decorate with slip, including feathering, marbling, and slip trailing. He shared insightful information about the chemistry of glazes, and demonstrated how to make terra sigilata.

Pat Kaplan Workshop

On June 6, 2007, Pat Kaplan provided a short demonstration of Ikebana, a form of Japanese flower arranging, showing the types of vessels that can be used. In this picture, one of Pat's arrangements is in the foreground, as she converses with Tina Oxer.

Tony Clennell and large casseroleBrad Schwieger Workshop

Jan 2007 - In the three day hands-on workshop, we observed Brad's creative and aesthetic decisions for fashioning sculptures from large thrown pieces of clay. Participants were encouraged to practice his techniques, which included stacking, cutting, carving, and boldly distorting the shapes.

Click here to see Brad's creation of a masterpiece during the workshop.

Tony Clennell and large casseroleRobin Hopper Workshop

October 2006 - This busy two-day workshop focused on decoration, design and surface enrichment. Using porcelain, Robin Hopper threw and assembled an array of work which served as vehicles for surface decoration. Of special interest was his use of colored clays and fluting techniques to create varied and intricate designs in his pots. Slip and brush work were also demonstrated as effective decorating techniques.

For more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Tony Clennell and large casseroleCharity Davis-Woodward Workshop

April 2006 - This two-day demonstration and discussion workshop focused on Charity's throwing and altering techniques with porcelain. Slides of historical and contemporary objects plus her own own work provided reference points for discussions and some of her demonstrations. A discussion of glaze techniques and recipes that she uses for her wood-fired work was of special interest.

For more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Tony Clennell and large casseroleTony & Sheila Clennell Workshop

January 2005 - Tony and Sheila Clennell demonstrated making ewers, beakers, casseroles, 2-piece jugs, sectional throwing, cut and altered forms, teapots and decorating techniques. On the second day they discussed and demonstrated how to make cane and reed handles.

For more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Doug DeLind at the Sculpture WorkshopDoug DeLind Sculpture Workshop

Doug DeLind described and demonstrated sculpture techniques at a workshop for members in January, 2004. Participants spent one morning a week for approximately 6 weeks working on hand-built pieces forcusing on the human form. Some finished pieces were fired in the low temperature salt kiln and others were rakued.

For more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Robert Piepenburg demonstrates glazing techniqueRobert Piepenburg Raku Workshop

Robert Piepenburg described and demonstrated techniques for raku at a workshop for members in October, 2003.

For more pictures from the workshop, click here.

Ruthanne Tudball March Workshop

Ruthanne Tudball Workshop teapots

In one of the exercises at the workshop, each participant threw separate teapot bodies, lids, handles and spouts. The resulting pieces were placed on tables and then each participant constructed teapots by selecting from the various components. The idea was to encourage experimentation and spontaneity. The above teapots were the result of that exercise.

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