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Canister set

Kay Fitzgerald

My journey with clay began in the early 60s in Ann Arbor as a student at the Ann Arbor Potters Guild. I had two preschool-aged children, a supportive husband, and a friend who said "You have to do this!!"

I did, and I was hooked.

When I moved to East Lansing in the mid-60s, the time seemed to be right to create a potters guild.

In 1969, with much help from Lou Raynor, head of MSU's clay program, the Greater Lansing Potters Guild was born. Forty years later in 2009, eight of the 28 charter members are still active.

It's been a wonderful trip!

Kay's pottery is available through private sales and the semi-annual Potters' Guild sales.
For more sales information please visit the GLPG Sales page.

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